Australia Sustainable Food, Environment, & Social Systems 2017

Blog site for the 2017 MSU study abroad program.

08-Eriel E.


Hi, My name is Eriel, I am from West Bloomfield, Michigan.  I am a junior at Michigan State University and I am studying dietetics. I wanted to go on this program because it related to food in a was very different then I have learned about thus far in my education. I feel this information can really help me as I move on in my professional career. I love the outdoors and camping, it has taught me to have a strong love for the environment, this trip will help deepen my knowledge of how to be more sustainable. I have never been to Australia and I don’t see another opportunity like that would allow me to enhance me education professionally and personally in such a cool and fun way.

Australia has a great deal of diversity of aboriginals, I would like to look at Food security and the availability of fresh, affordable food in rural and indigenous areas

Possible cite visit questions:

  • How well food products able to be accessed and available in rural?
  • Are there any health related diseases prevalent in aboriginal culture?
  • Is the food available in town nutritious and healthy(Fresh, fruit, vegetables, whole grains) option?


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