Australia Sustainable Food, Environment, & Social Systems 2017

Blog site for the 2017 MSU study abroad program.

07-Nathan D.

Hello! My name is Nathan Dickinson. I am a sophomore (will be a junior in the fall) Biosystems Engineering major here at Michigan State. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY; which for those of who don’t know is actually NOWHERE near New York City. In fact Detroit is actually closer to my house than New York City! In high school I spent most of my time playing Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball and I continue to live a very active lifestyle. I have always been interested in Nature and Wildlife making Australia the perfect spot for me to study! That being said I am very excited to visit wildlife sanctuaries and discover some of the exotic wildlife that inhabit Australia. Throughout my time here at MSU I have spent a lot of time learning about the importance of waste water treatment, and the challenges associated with proper waste water treatment that companies and society as a whole faces every day. While we are in Australia I would like to study the methods, techniques, and restrictions/requirements associated with their waste water treatment. I could ask many questions to enquire about this topic. I could ask about any governmental regulations that exist, and how companies/organizations deal with those specific regulations. I could ask about any pre-treatment techniques that they may use and why they use those pre-treatment techniques. Additionally I could ask any alternative methods of waste water treatment that they may use which may be different from the methods and techniques used in the USA.


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