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Day 25- Sydney Olympic Park 

Our first group picture featuring some dysfunctional flag holding.

We finally figured out the flag situation.

We started out the day by taking the train out of the city to the Sydney Olympic Park! We had a short talk about the park and why its features make it more sustainable than other Olympic parks. Then, we rented bikes from Bike Hires @ Sydney Olympic Park ( and set out to explore the park and surrounding area. We got to see the brick pit which collects runoff and rainwater and acts as a protected frog habitat, the mangroves that buffer pollution from mining and shipping in the past, and the cauldron where all the medalists names are displayed from the games in 2000. To end the day, a few of us went swimming in the Olympic pool before heading back into the city to go our separate ways for the night.

The cauldron with the medalists names.

The Olympic pool

-Kit and Alyssa K.