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Day 24: Sydney Scavenger Hunt

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G’day Mates!

We started out our first full day in Sydney with a photo scavenger hunt through the city! We divided into 4 teams and had a little friendly competition. The hunt brought us to:
-the world’s most expensive opal ($2.5 million)
-2 kangaroos (Nate and Des)
-the beautiful Botanical Gardens
-The Sydney Sealife Aquarium
And so much more!


This photo is of Nate, Alex V, and Alex D in front of the Sydney Opera House. Nate and Alex D are showing off their kangaroo outfits!

Our adventures ended at the Sydney Opera House where group 1 (Kit, Cary, Lindsey, Jenna, Tatum, Nadia) was awarded the win by a 110 point margin. During the hunt, we were not only exposed to many of Sydney’s attractions but also to some of their sustainable practices. For example, many of the trees in the city are covered with semi-permeable membranes that help water the tree and hold water for the future. It also acts as a filtration system!

After, we headed to the Australian Hotel ( for some exotic pizza topped with Emu, Kangaroo, and Crocadile!

To end the day, we celebrated Brooke’s 20th birthday at the Scubar! It was the perfect occasion to bring the whole group together for our “last hoorah” on this trip!


The group stands in front of the Sydney Opera House with Luke and Dana after the scavenger hunt.

Sydney out.

-Alex V and Brooke


One thought on “Day 24: Sydney Scavenger Hunt

  1. Scavenger Hunt: Did anyone happen to run into the Hobbit ? Is T-Rex still peeking out the window? This building was recently remodeled and how is it “greener” in design? Thank you 🙂


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