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Day 21

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Hello loyal readers! 
Today on Day 21, we had a great time adventuring to a few agricultural businesses in the Tablelands of Australia. 

We started our morning at On the Wallaby Lodge in Yungaburra, and first drove to Jaques Coffee Plantation where we watched an informational video about how coffee is produced and how the Jaques family has done it. They incorporate zero waste, as the shell (the berry) of the coffee bean can be recycled into mulch and put on the growing plants. We were then able to sample some delicious coffee! 

Coffee plants at Jaques Coffee Plantation 

Sampling the product! 

Our second stop of the day was to Mt Uncle and Natural Evolution, where we met Rob. Rob produces gluten free banana flour from green bananas that is stocked with natural fiber! We learned about the process of growing bananas and developing it into flour, and that bananas are one of the toughest plants on earth. We were given the opportunity to try gullfinger, ceyan, and blue java bananas, and even made a little green friend! (Don’t worry – frogs are extremely susceptible to chemicals, so his presence is good news!) 

Our green friend amongst the bananas! 

Group photo with Rob!

The third and final stop of the day was to Nerada Tea Plantation. Here, we learned about the way tea is produced from plant to cup, and the practices Nerada has implemented to help the environment, such as no irrigation – depending on the rainfall during the wet season, and using no pesticides, as tea has no natural pests. We were also able to see tree kangaroos as they too live on the plantation, and try some tea and scones! 

Nerada tea processing plant

The last event of the day was an evening canoe for half of the group. They were able to see some animals on Lake Tinaroo, such as wallabies and lizards! The other half will have the awesome experience tomorrow. 

After tonight, we have one more night in Yungaburra and then onto Sydney!

Thanks for reading!

Anneka and Lindsay

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