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Day 19: Great Barrier Reef

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Today was the adventure everyone had been waiting for. The group headed out bright and early for the Great Barrier Reef! We enjoyed a two hour boat ride out to our first site where we got off to snorkel through the Reef. A majority of the group also took the opportunity to scuba dive! After a few hours in the water everyone got back on board for a delicious Mediterranean lunch as we made our way to the second site. Many people agree that the second site we experienced was even more incredible than the first. There were sightings of sea turtles and small sharks, and a jelly fish that unfortunately stung Des. After everyone got their last bit of swimming in, the boat took off for land and we enjoyed a presentation about all of the diverse species that inhabit the Great Barrier Reef. Simon, one of the crew members, gave us information about the coral and how it eats, grows, and reproduces, but also how it is dying. We were able to actually see the dead coral of the Reef and it really opened some people’s eyes to the destruction of nature. Altogether it was a beautiful and unforgettable day full of sun and fun in an incredibly unique place.

Fresh off the boat after an amazing experience at the Great Barrier Reef!

Fresh off the boat after an amazing experience at the Great Barrier Reef!


Author: rebeccascherr

I am in Junior in Environmental Studies and Sustainability. I'm from Walled Lake, Michigan and love nature and the outdoors. I enjoy swimming, dancing, painting, and yoga.

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